Holger Rengstorf

Born 1961. Having successfully completed his studies, Holger Rengstorf participated in an exchange programme between the Karl-Duisberg Society and the Ohio State University in the USA.

After working for 15 months with William W. Amick, one of the most experienced golf course architects in the USA, Holger Rengstorf (HC 5) gained a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding golf course design.

They jointly completed a number of projects, both in the USA and in Germany. Following his return to Germany in 1993, Holger Rengstorf founded the company "Rengstorf Golf Design".

Till today he is involved in the design, renovation  ....  of golf courses in Europe

A golf course means more than an investment

It does not matter if you want to invest in a golf course - or if you want to run one: In either case, the profitability of the project is always a matter of high importance.

However, this profitability depends on very diverse factors as there are location, premises, soil conditions, target groups, invironmantel sanctions, politics and natural conservancy. All these have to be analysed during the planning process.

Rengstorf Golf Design specialises in the field of design and planning of golf courses. Our philosophy is a very personal approach during Design, Construction and Grow in of a golfproject for the best benefits of our clients.